Healthcare: Eye Care (Ophthalmology & Optometry)

Transplant Recipient Testimonials


"To have sight, what a wonderful blessing! Without your loved one’s generosity and selfless gift, I would have no sight!"

"Please find comfort in knowing your decision to donate your loved one’s corneas is bringing a renewed quality of life to me, my children, and grandchildren."

"The results that quick were unbelievable! The doctor was amazed himself and could hardly believe it. I can actually see out of my left eye now! Before, everything was a blur, but now I can see everything crystal clear. Thank you for restoring my sight!"

"I have a hereditary condition called fuchs dystrophy which caused the destruction of cells and fluid buildup in my corneas. In recent years, my vision had gotten worse and made it difficult to read, drive, and participate in daily activities. I cannot describe the feeling I had when 7 days after my transplant surgery I was able to see clearly again! I began to cry tears of joy for the improved vision! I am forever grateful for you and your family."