Baylor Research Advocates for Student Scientists


Baylor Research Advocates for Student Scientists, or BRASS, is the volunteer organization that supports the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine.


Providing Scholarships, Research Funding

Is entering its 25th year of pursuing excellence in biomedical research by providing scholarships and research funding. Its members serve as community mentors to these promising young scientists. These funds assist the graduate school in supporting the best and brightest students in biomedical research. BRASS coordinates its fundraising activities with the Office of Development and Advancement at Baylor.

Volunteers Interact with Students

BRASS volunteers "adopt" the students during a critical phase of their careers – their early education and training. BRASS members take a personal interest in involving the student scientists in Houston's rich cultural life. This interaction allows these young scientists to share their zeal for biomedical research and to know their career choice is valued by the community at large.

Strong interaction among faculty and students fosters a rewarding environment for research training at Baylor College of Medicine where the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences holds the highest ranking in Texas among biomedical graduate programs. Graduate students train alongside some of the college's most distinguished scientists to tackle cures for such medical challenges as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and heart disease


The Element Newsletter


"When I came to Houston I didn't know anyone. Being a BRASS Scholar has given me a very supportive group of people in Houston who really care about what I am doing as a student researcher. It is great to be able to interact with leaders in the community and promote biomedical research. Since most of the people involved in BRASS are not scientists, it has pushed me to learn to communicate science to non-scientists, which is so important since most science is supported by public funds. BRASS has also provided funding for my research and for travel to conferences where I can meet with international collaborators and learn from those in my field." - Kristyn Hoffman