Baylor College of Medicine School of Health Professions

Educates health professionals to be leaders in the delivery of high-quality patient care.

Advances the knowledge of health education, healthcare delivery, and health promotion through research.

Fosters healthy lifestyles among adults and children through innovative health education programs.

Augments patient care services provided through Baylor College of Medicine and our affiliated hospitals

For over 40 years, Baylor College of Medicine has been preparing health professionals to be collaborative members of the healthcare team, dedicated to providing comprehensive, patient-focused care.

Clinical Care

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Our interns train in the Texas Medical Center.

Baylor College of Medicine is the heart of the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical complex. At Baylor, you will train in some of the country’s best hospitals, and many are conveniently located near each other in the Texas Medical Center. These facilities represent a variety of settings and patient populations, giving you exposure to a wide range of experiences.

Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city, has no dominant ethnicity. The diversity of the population is reflected in patients at our clinical facilities. Rich exposure to patients and families from many cultures and ethnic groups will prepare you to work anywhere in the world. Students have the opportunity to learn first-hand how health beliefs and practices are influenced by culture.


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Evidence-based practice is the standard by which providers are expected to deliver healthcare. Training at one of the nation’s leading centers for biomedical research (Baylor is ranked among the top in the nation in funding from the National Institutes of Health), you will learn from faculty with the expertise and resources to help you identify questions to be answered through investigation and properly convey your findings to others.

Throughout the curriculum you will complete a research or development project and have the opportunity to gain expertise in evaluating the quality of published literature. Students gain valuable presentation experience sharing their work with peers and faculty at events such as the annual Health Professions Student Research Day. View information about Health Professions awards.

Explore our faculty’s research interests. Go to the VIICTR profiles system and select “School of Health Professions" from the “Departments” drop-down list on the search page to see a full list of our faculty and their scholarly publications.

Interdisciplinary Learning

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School of Health Professions

Long gone are the days of the solo practitioner. Contemporary healthcare is a team endeavor. Training with and learning from individuals specializing in diverse healthcare specialties is a necessary prerequisite to career success in the health professions. Sharing a campus as well as clinical training sites with medical students, graduate students, residents, and other trainees, ensures our students interact on a regular basis with others training to fill various roles on the healthcare team. Health professions students have the opportunity to take classes with students from various programs, have teachers with diverse backgrounds, and train as part of cooperative healthcare teams.


Baylor College of Medicine is an integral part of Houston, one of the nation’s greatest cities. Through both the formal curriculum and numerous extracurricular activities, our students and faculty improve the health of our community by addressing health issues, leading and participating in educational programs, and conducting outreach projects.