Baylor College of Medicine has teamed up with the University of Houston Law Center (UHLC) to offer a dual M.D./J.D. Program.

If you've got what it takes to earn both of these prestigious degrees, you are encouraged to apply to both schools through the regular admissions processes for each institution (indicate your interest in the M.D./J.D. program on your BCM application). Applicants to the M.D./J.D. Program are required to take the LSAT also.

Program participants can expect to earn both degrees in about six years. The first two years will be spent at Baylor, the second two years will be spent studying law full-time at UHLC, and the final two years would be back at Baylor finishing medical school, while also taking some legal electives.

Contact Information

Baylor College of Medicine
Office of Admissions
One Baylor Plaza
Houston, Texas 77030

University of Houston Law Center
Office of Admissions
100 Law Center
Houston, Texas 77204