Recognizing Faculty for Exemplary Educational Contributions

The Norton Rose Fulbright Faculty Excellence Award, formally known as Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP Faculty Excellence Award initiated in 2001, provides an opportunity for Baylor College of Medicine faculty who meet designated standards of quality, quantity and breadth to receive recognition for their sustained (at least four to five years), exemplary educational contributions to the College.

Award Categories

Faculty can receive a Norton Rose Fulbright Faculty Excellence Award in four categories: Teaching and EvaluationEducational Leadership, Development of Enduring Educational Materials,  and Educational Research. To receive an award, a faculty member needs to submit a mini-portfolio presenting evidence of his or her educational contributions specific to an award category. This mini-portfolio is reviewed by a panel of faculty, similar to an NIH grant-review study section. Those meeting the criteria will receive the award. There is a separate process for Full Professors with different submission requirements.

Review Process

The review process for the Norton Rose Fulbright Educational Awards is a highly rigorous process of peer review. The review panel consists of distinguished educators from across different departments. schools and institutions. The first step is a review of the application to make sure it meets the submission and eligibility criteria. After this a letter is sent to the chair of the applicants' department asking them to verify that the applicant meets criteria for high professional standards and integrity. Once verification is obtained, the portfolios are assigned to a  primary, secondary, and tertiary reviewer. During the panel meeting, these reviewers will present the applicant's portfolio and propose initial scores based on criteria as compared to the standards. Following a discussion, all members of the Review Panel score the portfolio. A successful applicant is one for whom at least 75% of the reviewers score the portfolio at 80% or higher, and the average of all reviewer scores is 80% or greater.

Resources for Applicants

The following resources are available: Portfolio Maintenance; Frequently Asked Questions; Common Mistakes