Why was the center formed?
President Dr. Paul Klotman has placed professionalism as one of his highest priorities at the College. The center will work to enhance the culture at Baylor by creating a more professional teaching, clinical and research environment. The goals of the center include improving employee morale, patient satisfaction, care and safety, attracting the brightest medical students and trainees and helping to recruit and retain the most gifted scientists.

What is considered unprofessional behavior?
Unacceptable or unprofessional behavior is a broad group of behaviors, which create an unpleasant, and unsafe work environment. Multiple studies have documented that the lack of professionalism results in poorer patient outcomes, difficulty recruiting and retaining faculty and decreased productivity. Unprofessional behavior includes actions like yelling, being rude, threatening or intimidating others or demonstrating bias of any kind.

Do I have to identify myself if I want to report unprofessional behaviors?
No, there are several ways to make a report of unprofessional behavior. Members of the Baylor community can read more about how to report a concern.

How can I report inappropriate behavior?
Members of the Baylor community can either contact the center or use the Integrity Hotline at (855) 764-7292.