POP Award: The Power of Professionalism Award

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Power of Professionalism Award

The Center for Professionalism recognizes the work done by medical students, residents, fellows, faculty and basic sciences through the Power of Professionalism Award.

We are looking for Baylor community members who demonstrate respect for the patient, family, the patient's local physician, and all consultants. This person recognizes the need for clear and compassionate communication, as well as recognizes and respects the value of differing opinions in clinical decision making.

POP Nomination Process

To nominate someone for the POP award, using the award's online submission form write a brief paragraph of 250 words or less which describes why you think that your candidate exemplifies the best of Baylor professionalism. Describe a specific episode that you observed or the characteristics of professionalism that you have noted in the nominee. Nominations can be submitted by any member of our medical, education or research communities and the nomination remains active indefinitely. Be sure to include the name and contact information for your nominee.

To access the Power of Professionalism Award Nomination form you may receive a login challenge. Follow the SharePoint login instructions.

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The Ben and Margaret Love Foundation Bobby Alford Award for Academic Clinical Professionalism

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Adam Kuspa, Ph.D., and Biykem Bozkurt, M.D., Ph.D., the 2019 Ben and Margaret Love Foundation Bobby Alford Award for Academic Clinical Professionalism award winner.

The Ben and Margaret Love Foundation Bobby Alford Award for Academic Clinical Professionalism recognizes a physician at the College for professionalism and humanism, and the recipient's ability to model these qualities in the practice of medicine. The award requires evidence of professional behavior and humanism at the local level. Strength of the candidate's accomplishments also may be demonstrated through contributions in any of the following areas:

• Providing pro bono patient care regionally, nationally, internationally
• Providing patient care regionally, nationally, internationally that inspires learners and others to perform above and beyond the call of duty
• Organizing patient care locally, regionally, nationally, internationally
• Creating opportunities or organizations that provide service to vulnerable or special needs populations
• Providing leadership or extending service to organizations that serve vulnerable or special needs populations
• Educating health care professionals who provide service with limited resources
•  Advocacy for underserved or other populations

Love Award Guidelines

The opportunity to nominate a candidate for this award is limited to chairs, center directors, deans and those at the highest level of leadership at the College or its affiliated institutions. Candidates are considered for their qualities of professionalism in patient care, clinical research and/or education as well as humanism (altruism, caring, compassion, empathy, cultural sensitivity, and respect for the dignity of others). The nominee must be a full-time or part-time faculty or voluntary faculty physician with a Baylor appointment, be in good standing at Baylor and have contributed to the institution for five or more years.

The chair/leader is asked to submit two documents to nominate a faculty member. This information should be provided as email attachments (PDF or Microsoft Word) to Maria Lopez by 5 p.m. on Feb. 28, 2020:

(1) One- to two-page summary supporting the nominee, including the merit of the nominee’s professionalism and humanistic characteristics and achievements, highlighting those manifested at the local level.

(2) Biosketch (NIH or other format) with a maximum length of four pages.

Those faculty members chosen for final consideration will be invited to submit a curriculum vitae and further documentation to the Selection Committee. The award winner receives a trophy and a $5,000 honorarium. The award is presented on Awards Day, May 20, 2020.

This award is co-administered by the Office of Faculty Development and the Center for Professionalism. Please contact Maria Lopez at (713) 798-8223 for more information.

Dr. Adam Cohen Student Professionalism Award

Dr. Adam Cohen, a former graduate of the Department of Pediatrics Resident Training Program, was considered to be an exemplary resident, highly competent, considerate, affable, and above all remarkably professional. Following his residency training he practiced pediatric medicine, where he was acknowledged as an outstanding clinician, revered by colleagues, patients, and families alike. He succumbed to cancer a few years after starting practice, and this award is dedicated in his honor.

2017-2018: Kate Travis
2015-2016: Dr. Georgene Ellen Hergenroeder