Message from the Chair

Daniel Yoshor, M.D. (320x240)
Daniel Yoshor, M.D.

I am honored to serve as chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Baylor College of Medicine. The Department continues to be a national leader in neurosurgery, as it has been for nearly 70 years. We have a large and active department, with more than 30 clinically active academic neurosurgeons on the faculty, as well as additional faculty who support our research and educational missions. The department benefits greatly from its long-standing relationships with the renowned Baylor-affiliated hospitals in the Texas Medical Center that serve as sites for our active clinical, research, and educational programs.

Our clinical programs feature neurosurgeons who are highly focused on specific neurosurgical disorders, allowing us to provide all of our patients with genuinely expert and cutting-edge care across the full range of adult and pediatric neurosurgery practice. Our research programs are thriving and continue to grow with the aim of producing dramatic advances in neurosurgical care. In 2017, our faculty received more than 6 million dollars of competitive NIH grant funding, an objective measure of excellence in research that places us among the elite neurosurgery departments in the nation. 

Finally, we have one of the largest and most respected neurosurgery residency programs in the country. This residency offers a remarkable array of clinical experiences, most notably the opportunity to train with some of the nation's leading neurosurgeons and educators at five distinct hospitals that are all located within the campus of the Texas Medical Center. The program also offers outstanding research opportunities for residents, including funding for resident research through an NIH R25 grant. I welcome you to explore our website to learn more about our department and its activities.