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Photo of Dr. Judy Lu Kim speaking at Disability History Exhibit Opening for 2016 Diversity and Inclusion Week

The Transition Medicine Clinic at Baylor College of Medicine trains a variety of healthcare learners each year in the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare and the provision of high-quality patient-centered care for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). As more individuals with IDD age, we must train the next generation of healthcare learners so that all people can receive great healthcare throughout their lifespan. We currently provide training to medical students, residents, fellows, PA students, nursing students, social work students, medical assistant students, and LEND fellows. We are fortunate to have multiple community partners that greatly enhance our training! Below is a sample of some of the curriculum/educational materials that we currently offer:

Developmental Medicine Fellowship

Other Educational Materials


Problem-Based Learning Cases

We have created three different cases that can be reviewed in small groups of interprofessional learners. Each case is focused on a different aspect of caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in an outpatient clinic setting. Included are facilitator guides and student copies for each case.

Shared Decision-Making Interative Lectures

This is a lecture given to early clinical medical students which starts with brief background information on developmental disabilities, contains a group case discussion, and then moves into a small group activity. This small group activity can be conducted virtually with breakout rooms or in person. The small group activity focuses on shared decision making in a non-verbal patient with significant intellectual disability. Attached are roles for students. It allows them to practice shared-decision making, counseling regarding screening recommendations, and to think outside the box!

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