The Community is Our Patient

We study the distribution and determinants of health-related outcomes in specific populations. To that end, we conduct research in marginalized and vulnerable communities, including people of color, neighborhoods recovering from natural disasters, and individuals genetically predisposed to illness. Not only are we describing the factors that determine communities' risk for developing diseases, but we're also pursuing the features that contribute to resilience. Our faculty and postdoctoral fellows are specialists in diverse fields:

  • Adult and pediatric oncology, including glioma, breast cancer, esophageal adenocarcinoma, and lung cancer
  • Molecular and genetic epidemiology
  • Obesity and nutrition
  • Microbiota and gut flora
  • Statistical methods in epidemiology and risk prediction
  • Translational and multidisciplinary applications

Research Labs

Badr Lab

The Badr Lab develops, implements, and disseminates psychosocial interventions to improve the health behaviors and quality of life of cancer patients and their caregivers across the cancer continuum (i.e., at diagnosis and during treatment, post-treatment survivorship, and at end of life).

Bondy Lab

The lab of Melissa Bondy, Ph.D., has a comprehensive research focus along the continuum of cancer prevention and population sciences.