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Department of Medicine

Faculty Research Interests


Christie Ballantyne, M.D.: Atherosclerosis; Inflammation; Leukocyte–endothelial adhesion molecules; Biomarkers for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease; Preventive cardiology; Lipids; Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes; Genetics of lipid disorders and atherosclerosis; Coronary artery disease

John Foreyt, Ph.D.: Clinical trials based on lifestyle modification; Cardiovascular risk reduction; Eating disorders; Obesity

Ron Hoogeveen, Ph.D.: Biomarkers of cardiovascular disease and inflammation

Peter Jones, M.D.: Role of lipoproteins in atherosclerotic vascular disease; Clinical research of new therapies for dyslipidemia; Management of challenging dyslipidemias in high-risk patients; Medical management of obesity to reduce metabolic risks associated with vascular disease

Na Li, Ph.D.: Novel molecular mechanisms underlying cardiac arrhythmias and cardiomyopathy

Vijay Nambi, M.D, Ph.D.: Atherosclerosis imaging; Biomarkers; Cardiovascular disease prevention

Xinchun Pi, Ph.D.: Novel regulatory roles of LRP1 in endothelium; Signaling pathways involved in endothelial growth and angiogenesis

Salim Virani, M.D., Ph.D,: Atherosclerosis; Health outcomes; Guideline adherence; mHealth

Huaizhu Wu, M.D.: Obesity, inflammation, and insulin resistance; Lipids, monocytes/macrophages, and atherosclerosis; Basic and translational research

Liang Xie, Ph.D.: Protein prolyl hydroxylation and its roles in cardiac function