Department of Emergency Medicine



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply?

Email to request an application.

Is there an application fee?


How long is the program?

One year

If I submit an application am I guaranteed an interview?

No, only the top applicants are selected for an interview.

Am I allowed to reapply if I was not selected?

Yes, however a new application is required.

How competitive is the program?

Each year our program becomes more competitive. We received approximately 150 applications in 2020.

Do I need official transcripts?

Not for the application process. Official transcripts will be required during the onboarding process if selected.

How do my references submit letters of recommendation?

We will reach out to each reference individually on your behalf. References will be asked to fill out an evaluation and provide any written feedback. The process is similar to the CASPA Application.

Do you provide any housing assistance?

No, however there are several affordable housing options in the medical center and around Houston.

Can I defer my student loans?

Yes, you may defer your loans while in the training program.

What makes a competitive applicant?

Anyone with a passion for emergency medicine and a desire to gain further knowledge and experience in EM is encouraged to apply.
Prior ER or EMS experience along with good grades and letters of recommendation are also a plus.

Do you offer off service rotations?

Yes, fellows receive dedicated training in pediatrics, orthopedics, and ultrasound.

How many hours do fellows typically work?

Fellows typically work 44 hours a week clinically plus didactic activities and self study.

Do I need all required certifications before I apply?

No, Texas Medical License, NCCPA, BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS certifications are required before matriculation into the program. They are not required to apply. You may work on these certifications during the onboarding process. However, you will not be granted privileges until complete.

How many fellows are accepted each year?

1-2 applicants are accepted each interview season.

I am a current student, when should I apply?

We recommend applying to the interview date that is closest to your graduation date.

Is the fellowship program only for new graduates?

No, anyone seeking to gain experience in emergency is encouraged to apply.

Is your program accredited?

No, we are currently exploring accreditation.

Is there a degree awarded after completion?

No, this is a certificate program.

Are Nurse Practitioners accepted into the program?

Currently no. Our future goal is to become an accredited postgraduate PA program. Once there are more defined accreditation standards we well explore the opportunity to expand to NPs.

What’s the difference between PA Fellow vs PA Resident?

None, this term is used interchangeably for post graduate PA training. Our program has decided to use the term fellow to help distinguish between resident physicians.

Do you hire Fellows after completion of the fellowship?

Yes, we do an excellent job training our fellows and would like to retain as many as possible. However, a full time position is not guaranteed after completion of the fellowship. Fellows are required to apply for staff position and are hired based on department needs available positions.