Space Medicine

Fast Facts

Mission and Vision

The Center for Space Medicine’s mission is to be a world academic leader in space biomedical research and education and to translate the advances in knowledge and technology to benefit life on Earth. CSM creates an opportunity for Baylor College of Medicine to become a leader in the international space medicine community and to contribute to the nation's exploration of space and medicine of the future.

Education at CSM

The new Space Medicine Track at CSM offers an opportunity like no other for BCM students to learn from former astronauts, former flight surgeons, NASA scientists and others who are pushing the frontiers of biomedical research for space. See more information about the track.

Elective Courses:

  • Introduction to Human Space Exploration and Medicine
  • Topics in Human Space Exploration and Medicine
  • Space Medicine Journal Club
  • Research Opportunities in Space Medicine


Membership is open to all individuals and organizations interested in contributing to the mission of the Center for Space Medicine. See our membership page to find more.

Members – 20
Affiliates - 29
Associates - 6
Students - 1
Honorary - 2

Of the 58 individuals, 23 are BCM faculty and eleven members have secondary academic appointments in CSM.  Members are from the following Centers and Departments:  Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Center for Educational Outreach, Family and Community Medicine, Medicine,Molecular and Cellular Biology, Molecular and Human Genetics, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, Neurology, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences, Surgery, and Urology.


Since moving into the Consolidated Research Facility in June 2011, CSM is offering research training opportunities to BCM students, residents and fellows. These research projects are being done in collaboration with several BCM departments, including neurology, pediatrics, anesthesiology, molecular physiology and biophysics and medicine. Going forward, CSM will expand its research collaborations with BCM faculty, NSBRI investigators, and other strategic partners. Faculty have begun publishing peer-reviewed articles acknowledging their affiliation in CSM. Read more about our research activities.



  • 2014 - CSM faculty member Graham Scott, Ph.D., established an astro-omics laboratory within the Consolidated Research Facility.
  • 2014 - Space Medicine Association honored the CSM director by establishing the Jeffrey P. Sutton Scientific Achievement Award.


  • 2013 - CSM faculty member Leroy Chiao, Ph.D., received the Order of Yuri Gagarin Medal.
  • 2013 - CSM faculty member Jonathan Clark, M.D., delivered the Harry G. Armstrong Lecture of the Aerospace Medical Association.
  • 2013 - Consolidated Research Facility received the Best Design Award (Houston) from the American Institute of Architects.
  • 2012 - CSM students under the leadership of Jonathan Clark, M.D., supported the record-breaking Red Bull Stratos mission to the edge of space.
  • 2012 - First CSM Space Medicine Track students completed all electives and were recognized at the BCM M.D. graduation ceremony.
  • 2012 - Consolidated Research Facility of CSM and NSBRI named as a finalist in the 2012 Houston Business Journal Landmark Awards (medical category).
  • 2011 - CSM Director Jeffrey P. Sutton, M.D., Ph.D., appointed to the Friedkin Chair for Research in Sensory System Integration and Space Medicine.
  • 2011 - CSM faculty member Jonathan Clark, M.D., supported by a FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation award.
  • 2010 - Jeffrey Sutton, M.D., Ph.D., received the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal (NASA’s highest honor).
  • 2010 - CSM and NSBRI established the Consolidated Research Facility with NASA, BCM, Rice and other NSBRI consortium institutions as partners.
  • 2009 - CSM member Leroy Chiao, Ph.D., appointed to the White House- commissioned Human Space Flight Plans Committee.
  • 2008 - Jeffrey Sutton, M.D., Ph.D. appointed the CSM Representative on BCM Academic Council.