About Us

The Center for Space Medicine was established at Baylor College of Medicine in 2008. Aligned with Baylor's mission, CSM is the first academic entity of its kind in the world and brings together faculty, residents, students and staff from multiple departments to contribute cutting-edge advances to science, technology, medicine and education.

CSM is a collaborative enterprise involving multiple Baylor College of Medicine departments and centers, the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, NASA, Rice University, Texas Medical Center institutions, and other academic, industry and government organizations nationally and internationally. The center's mission is to be a world academic leader in space biomedical research and education and to translate the advances in knowledge and technology to benefit life on Earth.

Located in the BioScience Research Collaborative, CSM faculty, students, fellows and staff work side-by-side with NSBRI, NASA and other colleagues to foster biomedical discovery, advance the field of space medicine and train space biomedical scientists and physicians of the future. CSM solidifies Baylor's position as an international leader in the space medicine community and as a contributor to the nation's human space program and medicine of the future.