Grand rounds are held at Houston Methodist Hospital for their healthcare professionals, but are open to anyone interested in attending. The center uses grand rounds as an opportunity to address and keep physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and related professionals abreast of ever changing topics within the field. Continuing medical education credit is offered to a variety of healthcare professionals. This enables our healthcare professionals to keep current and maintain their knowledge of cutting-edge research, techniques and innovations through lectures, workshops and seminars featuring local, national, and internationally renowned speakers.

Feb. 21, 2018: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey
Presenters: Marc L. Boom, M.D., MBA, FACP, FACHE and Teas House Representative Sarah Davis, JD

April 16, 2018: Hot Topics in Bioethics: 3 Case Reviews
Presenter: Trevor Bibler, Ph.D., MTS

Aug. 15, 2018: Talking About Code Status: Practical Realities and Ethical Ideals
Presenter: Trevor Bibler, Ph.D., MTS

Sept. 19, 2018: Whose Tissue/Data is it Anyway?
Presenters: Mary Clancy, MSN, CCRC, CIP and Susan Miller, M.D., MPH

Nov. 14, 2018: End of Life Care: When Physician and Patient Disagree
Presenters: Janet Malek, Ph.D. and Sophia Fantus, Ph.D., MSW

Dec. 12, 2018: Golden Care Medical Homes
Presenters: Julie Andrieni, M.D., Cathy Easter, Janice Finder, RN, BSN, MSN, Kim Mabry, and Ryane Jackson, MLA