Timeline of Events


First geriatric patient care facility opened at Houston Veterans Affairs Medical Center, an affiliated Baylor College of Medicine hospital. Geriatric Evaluation Unit established by Robert J. Luchi, M.D.


Based upon recommendations of a Baylor Task Force on Aging, in early 1987, the College committed funds to create the Baylor Program in Aging, and the NIA awarded a Geriatric Leadership Academic Award with Dr. Robert Luchi as principal investigator and Dr. James Smith as co-principal investigator.


Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Huffington endowed the program to establish the Roy M. and Phyllis Gough Huffington Center on Aging; Dr. Robert Luchi was the center's director.


On Sept. 1, Roy G. Smith, Ph.D., assumed the directorship of the HCOA.


On July 1, Dr. Smith left to assume a research position in aging at the new Scripps Institute in West Palm Beach, Fla. Gretchen Darlington, Ph.D., became interim director.

Ambassador Roy Huffington died July 11, 2008, at age 90 in Venice, Italy. He and his late wife, Phyllis, were generous with their time, talent, and treasure. Without their vision and philanthropy, Baylor College of Medicine’s programs in aging would not have developed into the wide-ranging clinical, research, and educational arms that are nationally and internationally recognized.


Hui Zheng, Ph.D., was named director of the Huffington Center on Aging Dec. 22, 2009.