HCOA's Mission and Vision

The Huffington Center On Aging's mission is to advance the quality of late life through exemplary research, education, patient care, and community outreach. Our vision is to add life to years, not just years to life. See our about us page for more information about the center. 

Dr. John Hardy Presenting at the HCOA Distinguished Lecture (372x158)

Dr. John Hardy Presenting at HCOA Distinguished Lecture

Dr. John Hardy presented at the HCOA Distinguished Lecture. His lecture was titled 'Into Dementia: Where and how far are we from effective treatments?' 

Huffington Distinguished Lecture Series

Frontiers of Aging Seminar (372x158)

Frontiers of Aging Seminar

Rick Morimoto, Ph.D. (professor in the Department of Molecular Biosciences, Northwestern University, Chicago, Ill.) presents at the Frontiers of Aging Seminar, "The Biology of Proteostasis in Aging and Disease".

house-calls (372x158)

Doctors are going beyond hospital walls to care for patients

The House calls program is bringing doctors and medical student to the homes of patients. Read more.

Dr. Melanie Samuel (372x158)

Creative Minds: Reprogramming the Brain

An article featuring Dr. Melanie Samels research work was posted in the NIH Director's Blog. View article.

Dr. Meng Wang (372x158)

Dr. Meng Wang receives TAMESTX Award

Dr. Meng Wang receiving the Academy of Medicine, Engineering & Science of Texas O'Donnell Award in Medicine.

Dr. Meng Wang (372x158)

Dr. Meng Wang awarded Pioneer Award from National Institutes of Health

Wang’s project will harness the power of functional genomics and metabolomics and test a new conceptual idea for metabolite-directed signaling communication. View news release.