HCOA's Mission and Vision

The Huffington Center On Aging's mission is to advance the quality of late life through exemplary research, education, patient care, and community outreach. Our vision is to add life to years, not just years to life. See our about us page for more information about the center. 

Dr. John Hardy Presenting at the HCOA Distinguished Lecture (372x158)

HCOA Distinguished Lecture Series

Distinguished lecturers are selected for their ingenious and unparalleled contributions to the field of aging and age-related diseases and are invited to share their discoveries with Baylor College of Medicine faculty and trainees. See list of lecturers, which has included Dr. John Hardy from the Reta Lila Weston Institute, UCL Institute of Neurology.

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organization launched World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) on June 15, 2006. Since then, on each June 15, governmental entities educational institutions and other organizations recognize the ongoing need to prevent elder abuse in all its forms – physical, emotional, neglect, and financial. 

credit: Baylor College of Medicine

Gardening provides health benefits

As the summer heat approaches, it may be tempting to stay inside. However, gardening can help boost your physical and mental health – no matter your age. Watch this video as Dr. Angela Catic, assistant professor at the Huffington Center on Aging at Baylor College of Medicine, explains how gardening can benefit seniors at any mobility level.

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7th Annual Postdoctoral Science Symposium

Dr. Laure Maneix was recognized by UT MD Anderson Cancer Center with first place in the poster presentation competition held Sept. 28, 2017. The Annual Postdoctoral Symposium aims to highlight outstanding research work by postdoctoral fellows in the TMC Community. Dr. Maneix presented her extensive work on the regulation of epigenetics and transcriptional dynamics by nuclear proteolysis in multiple myeloma.

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Doctors are going beyond hospital walls to care for patients

The House calls program is bringing doctors and medical student to the homes of patients. Read more.

Dr. Melanie Samuel (372x158)

Creative Minds: Reprogramming the Brain

An article featuring Dr. Melanie Samuel research work was posted in the NIH Director's Blog. View article.