When can I start using Zoom?

You can start using Zoom now.

How do I sign in to Zoom?

Navigate to https://bcm.zoom.us, select Sign In and then log in with your BCM username and password.

How do I log out of Zoom?

In the upper right hand corner, select Sign Out.

Can I share a document from within my computer’s web browser?

Yes, open the document, click Share Screen icon and then select the document.

Do I have to use a computer to join a meeting?

No, you can use just about any device to join a meeting (web browser, mobile devices, a telephone, and room conferencing system).

Do I need a camera and microphone to join the meeting?

No, you can join the meeting with any device or call in to the meeting by telephone only. The email invitation will have the meeting call-in numbers.

What information do I need to use Zoom?

You only need your BCM account to schedule meetings; a BCM account is not required for joining meetings.

Is there a chat feature?

Yes, but to maintain HIPAA compliance, the save-text-to-file functionality is disabled.  Also, you will need to upgrade to the latest software to get the feature.

Is there a preferred local phone number?

Yes, call 713-798-9666.

Is there a record option?

No, currently there is no recording option for security and compliances reasons.