Install the desktop app (Zoom Client for Meetings)

Use the “Sign in with SSO” option and your standard BCM username and password.

If you log on with a browser, go to

If you are given a choice, always use “Sign in with SSO” with your standard BCM username and password.

Set up your account profile.

Log into your account from the app or a browser.  In the app, click on the green dot, and select “My Profile” where you can add a photo to your profile, create a Personal Meeting ID (PMID) for instant meetings, or even create your own “vanity” meeting alias.

Check your account settings.

Click on the “My Settings” tab in the “My Profile” section to review all of your meeting-specific settings. Please note that you even have the ability to delegate your Zoom scheduling to someone else so they can schedule your meetings for you. To do so, they must also have a BCM Zoom account, and you must assign the scheduling privilege to them on the above-referenced “My Settings” tab.

Check your computer’s settings.

Click on the little black “Settings” wheel in the upper right-hand corner of your Zoom desktop app.  You can use this to make sure your microphone, camera, and speakers are working correctly.

Set up your mobile app.

If you want to Zoom conference quickly and easily with your iOS or Android mobile device, download the Zoom app from the Apple Store or Google.  Remember to use the “Sign in with SSO” option. Any meeting you have scheduled will appear in your mobile app.  You can also schedule a new meeting directly from the app!

Instant meeting or scheduled meeting?

Use your personal meeting ID (PMID) sparingly for "personal" meetings!  Use scheduled meetings - which are assigned unique IDs - for everything else.

Recurring meetings.

Click on the "Recurring meeting" checkbox.  Zoom will essentially create a  perpetual  meeting ID for you that you can use whenever you want.  However, Zoom will not schedule a recurring meeting for you.  It will give you the information you need to do so yourself in Outlook or whatever calendar or email application you wish to use.  You must delete a recurring meeting from your profile-My Meetings tab in order to close it down.

Non-recurring meetings available for 30 days.

Regardless of your actual meeting date and time, once you create a non-recurring, scheduled meeting ID, it will continue to be available for 30 days.

Transition from your BlueJeans recurring meetings to Zoom recurring meetings.

You do this by deleting all of your BlueJeans recurring meetings and rescheduling them as Zoom recurring meetings. Please be sure to do this before June 15.

One meeting at a time.

Remember:  you can only conduct one Zoom meeting at a time.  No overlapping meetings.