Baylor Remains Open

Baylor College of Medicine and its clinics will be open Monday, Nov. 28. We are closely monitoring the City of Houston's boil water advisory and will provide updates as needed.




Photomicroscopy is an essential tool for research. Our laboratory offers high end digital photomicroscopy for both bright field and epifluorescence imaging.

Bright Field Imaging. For bright field imaging, a dedicated four-headed microscope is equipped with a 12 megapixel digital camera. The images are acquired for live viewing as well as archiving on a dedicated computer.

Florescent Imagining. For florescent imaging, a monochrome high-end digital camera is attached to an upright florescent microscope, with several objectives and filters. This system is a part of confocal microscope system.

These pieces of equipment are available to breast center members after appropriate training and approved access. A detailed description of the bright field microscopy and digital imaging is available for reference and training (digital imaging).