CNRC Postdoctoral Training Program Curriculum


Learner Objectives

With first-rate mentors and advisory committees, we provide scholars with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to be successful in academia or industry, and inculcate a zest for lifetime learning.

All scholars should acquire superior:

  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art scientific methodologies as they relate to the nutritional sciences
  • Academic skills of scientific experimentation, appropriate scientific methodologies, and writing manuscripts and grant proposals
  • Ability to generate sound hypotheses
  • Productivity in research and publications

Values Acquired

All scholars should acquire the following values:

  • Competence: training, knowledge, empowerment, efficiency, prudence, wisdom and quality
  • Confidence: trust, integrity, accountability, accuracy, loyalty, punctuality and professionalism
  • Completion: goal setting, implementation, closure
  • Commitment: flexibility, adaptability, dedication, teaching, initiative and exceptional service
  • Courtesy: teamwork, mutual respect, listening, patience, non-judgment and humility
  • Creativity: imagination, originality, thirst for knowledge and outside-the-box thinking


Fellows in the CNRC Postdoctoral Training Program are expected to:

  • Establish an advisory committee with at least three CNRC or TMC faculty members with the mentor as committee chair
  • Create an Individual Development Plan and provide Biannual Status Reports on IDP and research progress signed by Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (see below)
  • Present Research in Progress twice annually at the CNRC Fellows' Seminar
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Investigation course which includes lectures, writing a grant proposal, and scientific paper (equally appropriate for those pursuing non-clinical investigations)
  • Submit at least one grant proposal during fellowship

CNRC and Baylor Didactics


Formal requirements of the training program includes attendance at the following:


Individual Development Plan


Creation of individual development plan which may include:

View IDP Guide

CNRC Postdoc Handbook


The CNRC Postdoctoral Training Program handbook contains important information for applicants, faculty, and current fellows. The CNRC Postdoctoral Fellowship application is located on Page 10, Section Q of the handbook.