Xiaolong Jiang Lab

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Multiple Single-cell RNA-sequencing

Multiple single-cell RNA-sequencing protocols (drop-seq and Patch-seq) are combined to understand cellular diversity across brain regions and species.

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Simultaneous 8-cell Patch-clamp Recording

Simultaneous 8-cell patch-clamp recording of mouse cortex to understand the electrophysiology, morphology and connectivity of mouse cortex neurons. 


Open Positions


The Jiang Lab is looking for talented and motivated postdocs and graduate students to participate in our research.

Postdoctoral Fellow Positions 
We are currently actively recruiting for postdoctoral fellow positions with experimental or computational emphasis. View and apply to the job posting

Graduate Students
We welcome graduate students to join the lab and participate in our research. Contact Xiaolong Jiang at xiaolonj@bcm.edu to discuss details. See our Graduate School website for more information: applying for our programs