Tao Wu Lab Publications


Selected Publications


Qi Xie, Tao P. Wu, Ryan C. Gimple, et al., “N6-methyladenine DNA Modification in Glioblastoma”, Cell, 175 (5), 1228-1243.E20, 2018. (*Co-First Author)

Tao P. Wu, Tao Wang, et al., “DNA Methylation on N6-adenine in mammalian embryonic stem cells”, Nature, 532 (7599), 329-333, 2016. (Article)

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Jiameng Dan, Yifei Liu, Na Liu, Maria Chiourea, Maja Okuka, Tao Wu, et al., “Rif1 Maintains Telomere Length Homeostasis of ESCs by Mediating Heterochromatin Silencing”, Developmental Cell, 29, 7-19, 2014.

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