Sheryl O. Hughes Lab

Hughes Lab Projects


Baylor EFNEP Study Texas – BEST Study

Study Title: Integrating food Rx with best feeding practices for chronic disease prevention among EFNEP participants
Funding Agency: USDA NIFA
Grant Number: USDA 2022-68015-36380
Goal: The major goal of this randomized controlled trial is to examine the use of an efficacious online video delivery of feeding content with Food Rx to prevent chronic disease in young children. Food Rx is a Houston Food Bank Food Prescription program that provides access to free fruits and vegetables.

Strategies for Effective Eating Development – SEEDS

Study Title: Promoting the Self-Regulation of Energy Intake in African-American and Latino Preschoolers: A Family Focused Obesity Prevention Program
Funding Agency: USDA AFRI
Grant Number: USDA 2011-68001-30009
Goal: The goal of this study was to develop and test the efficacy of a scientifically based, culturally relevant, seven-week, family-based obesity prevention program focused on supporting child eating self-regulation and exploration of novel foods.

Food, Feeding, and Your Family - FFYF

Study Title: Use of Engaging Online Videos in Conjunction with New Feeding Content to Enhance a Current EFNEP Program in the Prevention of Child Obesity
Funding Agency: USDA AFRI
Grant Number: USDA 2015-68001-23311
Goal: This study uses previously developed videos designed to help parents promote healthier eating behaviors in children ages 3 to 8 in conjunction with an existing EFNEP program titled Eating Smart - Being Active. The goal is to enhance an existing nutrition education program with a parenting component to prevent childhood obesity.

Feeding Styles and Child Eating Behaviors: An Observational and Questionnaire Approach in Low-income Hispanic Families

Funding Agency: USDA
Grant Number: USDA 3092-51000-063-01S
Goal: The overall objective of this study is to understand how parental feeding and child eating behaviors interact with the development of childhood obesity using a mixed method approach.