Sheryl O. Hughes Lab

Hughes Lab Projects


Strategies for Effective Eating Development – SEEDS

Study Title: Promoting the Self-Regulation of Energy Intake in African-American and Latino Preschoolers: A Family Focused Obesity Prevention Program
Funding Agency: USDA AFRI
Grant Number: USDA 2011-68001-30009
Goal: The goal of this study was to develop and test the efficacy of a scientifically based, culturally relevant, seven-week, family-based obesity prevention program focused on supporting child eating self-regulation and exploration of novel foods.

Food, Feeding, and Your Family - FFYF

Study Title: Use of Engaging Online Videos in Conjunction with New Feeding Content to Enhance a Current EFNEP Program in the Prevention of Child Obesity
Funding Agency: USDA AFRI
Grant Number: USDA 2015-68001-23311
Goal: This study uses previously developed videos designed to help parents promote healthier eating behaviors in children ages 3 to 8 in conjunction with an existing EFNEP program titled Eating Smart - Being Active. The goal is to enhance an existing nutrition education program with a parenting component to prevent childhood obesity.

Feeding Styles and Child Eating Behaviors: An Observational and Questionnaire Approach in Low-income Hispanic Families

Funding Agency: USDA
Grant Number: USDA 3092-51000-063-01S
Goal: The overall objective of this study is to understand how parental feeding and child eating behaviors interact with the development of childhood obesity using a mixed method approach.