Jayna M. Dave Lab

Dave Lab Projects


The Hydroponic Farming Project

Study Title: Exploring the socio-ecological implications of hydroponic farms in urban food deserts using community-based participatory research.
Funding Agency: USDA NIFA
Grant Number: USDA 2020-67023-31636
Goal: The goal of this study is to explore the socioecological implications of offering hydroponic farming at food pantries, located in food deserts. We are particularly interested in understanding the individual, social and cultural, environmental, economic, and ethical impacts on fresh produce access, consumer preferences, and food security status of low-income individuals who visit food banks/pantries.

  • Texas A&M University
  • Food pantries across the Houston Metro Area

Baylor EFNEP Study of Texas – B.E.S.T.

Study Title: Integrating food Rx with best feeding practices for chronic disease prevention among EFNEP participants
Funding Agency: USDA NIFA
Grant Number: USDA 2022-68015-36380
Goal: The major goal of this randomized controlled trial is to examine the use of an efficacious online video delivery of feeding content with Food Prescription (Rx) to prevent chronic disease in young children.

  • Prairie View A&M University Cooperative Extension
  • Avance Houston - Head Start
  • Gulf Coast Community Services Association Inc - Head Start Program

This study is currently recruiting participants! View Study and Join.

SNAP-Ed Study

Study Title: Smart Eating Active Living (SEAL)
Funding Agency: TX-DHHS
Grant Number: HHS001018600002
Goal: Smart Eating Active Living (SEAL) is the proposed SNAP-Ed program that will empower children, adolescents, adults, seniors, and communities through evidence-based programs to promote healthy eating, physical activity behaviors, and food resource management strategies along with implementing policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) change initiatives in 18 counties across TX. Dave Lab is responsible for the evaluation of the project.

  • Prairie View A&M University Cooperative Extension

Epidemiology of Childhood Obesity

Study Title: Understanding rural-urban differences in food security status and its impact on dietary intake among children
Funding Agency: USDA/ARS
Grant Number: USDA 3092-51000-058
Goal: The goal of this study is to further our understanding of food security status (food secure vs. food insecure) and its association with food availability, participation in federal nutrition assistance programs, dietary intake, and obesity among children, based on rural vs. urban residence.

  • TzuAn Chen, Ph.D., University of Houston
  • Debbe Thompson, Ph.D., CNRC
  • Ariun Ishdorj, Ph.D., Texas A&M University