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Circadian rhythms allow mammals to anticipate daily environmental changes and maintain physiological homeostasis. Circadian misalignment is correlated to many metabolic diseases based on epidemiological studies. For example, night shift workers and individuals with sleep disorders are at increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and related metabolic diseases, similar to the effects of overnutrition.

Principal Investigator, Dongyin Guan has established a connection between circadian remodeling and metabolic dysfunction associated with fatty liver disease in diet-induced obesity mice (Cell 2018 PMID: 30057115 and Science 2020 PMID: 32732282).

The recent research focus in the Guan Lab includes investigating the impacts of environmental factors and genetic background on physiological rhythms using cutting-edge functional epigenomic approaches. The Guan Lab is highly collaborative and integrative of unbiased multiple-omics and loss-of-function tools to develop innovative chrono-pharmacological and chrono-nutritive therapeutic strategies relating to metabolic diseases and cancer.


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