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To really understand why some people enjoy better health than others, we must combine information from multiple scientific disciplines.

Our lab is interested in looking at what information arises at the intersection of these disciplines. So, for example, we combine biological data from the metabolome with behavioral data on cognitive functioning to understand what drives eating behaviors. We also recognize that a major achievement for scientific research has been the development, testing and refinement of advanced methods.

We are currently excited about the potential of using methods from one field to illuminate answers in new areas; for example our infant studies bring recent advancements in testing, developed by cognitive psychologists, into the area of developmental psychology.


Children’s Nutrition Research Center


The Alexis (Lekki) Wood Lab is part of the USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center which houses laboratories of varied disciplines, a vast array of state-of-the-art equipment, a greenhouse, observation labs and accommodations for research volunteers, a metabolic kitchen, and an elite group of scientists conducting groundbreaking research.

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Our Research


Our research program looks at gene-environment interplay changes underlying cardiovascular disease risk, with a focus on the relationship between infants' and children's cognitive development and their obesity risk. The lab incorporates molecular genetic, epigenetic and behavioral analysis, alongside nutritional epidemiology, microbiome and metabolomic approaches.

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