About Us

The Texas Children's Microbiome Center advances the mission of Texas Children's Hospital by pursuing metagenomic (the study of microbial genomes) and microbiome research related to the care of women and children.

The Texas Children's Microbiome Center, part of the Human Microbiome Project Consortium, translates new knowledge about the human microbiome in different areas of medicine by pursuing metagenomic and microbiome research related to the care of women and children.

As part of Human Microbiome Project Consortium and in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Research Laboratory, the Human Genome Sequencing Center and the Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research, it is strategically placed to partner with a variety of departments and centers at Texas Children's Hospital as well. The Microbiome Center provides complete service and support from initial study design and sample collection to final metagenomic analysis.

Currently, faculty in the center are working to characterize the intestinal microbiome and the nature of the core microbiome in healthy children. In addition, they are studying the changes in the metagenome that may be associated with disorders of mucosal inflammation and recurrent abdominal (visceral) pain. The tools for analysis include next-generation DNA sequencing, quantitative PCR and high density microarrays to study shifts in the metagenome and human-associated microbial communities.