The Cellular and Molecular Morphology Core Laboratory provides expertise, equipment and procedures relevant to GI research, makes available its specialized laboratory facilities to GI researchers, and develops new tests that may be useful in clinical and basic research.

This core is used by many members of the Digestive Diseases Center, and serves pilot and feasibility awardees, whose experience and resources are necessarily limited. Major core services include histology, immunohistochemistry, RNA in situ hybridization, mRNA probe generation, frozen sections for enzyme histochemistry, immunofluorescent antibody studies, live and fixed cell  confocal, deconvolution microscopy and super resolution microscopy (SIM and STORM), and transmission electron microscopy, quantitative morphometric analysis, high throughput microscopy and high content analysis, laser capture microdissection for molecular genetic analyses, and digital images for internet communication and publication.

The core also provides consultation and training in the proper collection, fixation, storage and handling of human and animal tissues, as well as training and technical advice to researchers interested in developing sophisticated procedures for their GI-related research projects. Request services.

Faculty: Cellular and Molecular Morphology

Deborah Schady, M.D.

Assistant Professor


  • (832) 824-1836

Cecilia Ljungberg, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


  • (832) 824-8873

Michael A Mancini, Ph.D.

Single cell analysis of gene regulation