Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX, US
Adjunct Professor
Department of Nutrition and Food Science; Department of Animal Science
Texas A&M
United States


Advanced Training from Washington University
Ph.D. from University Of Tennessee
M.S. from University Of Tennessee
B.S. from University Of Tennessee

Honors & Awards

Past President
Scientific Advisor
Research Mentor Award
Animal Growth and Development Award
Fulbright United States Distinguished American Scholar
E.L.R. Stokstad Award
Distinguished Foreign Scholar

Selected Publications


American Society for Nutrition
American Society of Animal Science
American Physiological Society
Endocrine Society
American Diabetes Association


Regulation of Neonatal Muscle Protein Synthesis
- #9 R01 HD085573-18 (previously NI
Grant funding from NIH
Leucine Supplementation to Promote Lean Growth in Early Life
- #1 R01 HD072891
Grant funding from NIH
Early Feeding Practices, Growth and Health
- #USDA CRIS 6250-51000-055-00D-3
Grant funding from USDA
Leucine Supplementation to Promote Lean Growth in Early Life
- #USDA NIFA 2013-67015-20438
Grant funding from USDA
Enteral ZA26 to Promote Protein Synthesis in the Neonatal Piglet Model
Grant funding from Abbott