Baylor College of Medicine experts share advice to prepare you for a safe and healthy summer.

Don’t sweat the heat rash

Dr. Rajani Katta offers insight on what causes heat rashes and advice on prevention and treatment.

Top five places you may forget to apply sunscreen

Dr. Carina Wasko shares the top places people miss when putting on sunscreen and ways to prevent skin cancer and aging.

Explaining that rolling sensation after spending time in water

Do you ever have the sensation that you’re still rocking or swaying back and forth after you get out of the water and on to dry land? Dr. Helen Cohen explains the sensation, formally called mal de debarquement.

Take your time to prevent brain freeze

Eating or drinking cold foods too quickly can cause the dreaded brain freeze. Dr. Greg McLauchlin breaks down this common summertime nuisance.

Traveling doesn’t have to be a pain this summer

An expert at Baylor College of Medicine says the key to a pain-free vacation is to create a plan for the trip ahead of time.

What to know about protecting your eyes this summer

From swimming at the pool to taking in fireworks displays, your eyes are sure to be exposed to sun and other hazards. An expert shares her advice on ways to protect your eyes while still enjoying summer activities.

Pack the right summer shoe for your summer vacation

Summer is here and if you’re ready to jump in feet first, be sure you’re wearing the right shoes. Dr. Ronald Lepow offers tips on finding the right shoe for different types of summer vacations.

Children should stay socially active during summer vacation

Dr. Jin Han discusses why it is important for children to remain socially active during summer.

Debunking summer health myths

To help families prepare for summer, Baylor College of Medicine expert Isabel Valdez debunks four common summer health myths.

Cruise into summer vacation with these travel tips

Dr. Angela Catic shares her tips on how elderly and their family members should plan in advance for their cruise trips.

Dive into a safe Memorial Day with these tips

Experts at Baylor College of Medicine offer advice on how to have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend while spending time outdoors.

Protecting your skin this summer with sunscreen, bug spray

From applying sunscreen to keeping bugs at bay, Dr. Rajani Katta explains all you need to know about ways to protect your skin this summer.

Staying hydrated is key for elder adults this summer

As temperatures continue to rise, the risk of heat exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration also increase among adults 65 years of age and older.

Expert gives tips on how to prevent summer brain drain

Summer is a time when most students are able to relax and have fun away from the classroom, but it also can be a time when important lessons learned during the year are forgotten.

Headaches and the heat - what really is causing the pain?

A Baylor College of Medicine expert says headaches that seem to be caused by the heat might actually be due to dehydration.

Hydrate, eat, cover up to withstand summer heat

The summer heat is intensifying: Baylor College of Medicine expert provides tips for staying cool and safe.

Vigilance means uninterrupted summer fun

Take precautions during summer time off with sunscreen and an eye for water safety