Evenings with Genetics discussion on obesity, genetics Jan 9, 2020
On Tuesday, Jan. 14, Evenings with Genetics, a regular speaker series hosted by Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital, will spotlight genetic disorders of obesity, from diagnosis to medical management.
SRC-1 gene variants linked to human obesityApr 12, 2019
A team led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Cambridge reports that the gene SRC-1 affects body weight control by regulating the function of neurons in the hypothalamus – the appetite center of the brain.
Rap1, a potential new target to treat obesitySep 13, 2016
Scientists at Baylor College of Medicine, the National Institutes of Health and Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute have discovered a new mechanism in the mouse brain that regulates obesity.
Understanding obesity from the inside out Mar 14, 2016
Baylor College of Medicine researchers collaborate on new lab method that reveals the roles of GABA in the control of appetite and metabolism.
A drug to encourage the “browning” of white fat to fight obesityNov 16, 2015
Baylor researchers have found a way to turn "bad" white fat into a brown-like fat in mice studies, which may lead to a tool in the obesity fight.
Understanding how fatty acids bonds affect obesity, diabetesJun 22, 2015
An enzyme known as stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 (SCD-1) plays an important role in the accumulation of fat in the cell. This structure provides the atomic details and tells us what the molecule looks like.
Diet not obesity defines body’s microbiome communitiesMay 20, 2014
Baylor study finds consuming a high fat diet during pregnancy and breast feeding persistently alters the structure of an infant’s microbiome.
Campers wanted for seventh annual Kamp K’aana programMay 17, 2013
Children ages 10 to 14 can sign up for Kamp K'aana, a fun weight management program this summer, created by Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital.
Female mice overfed as infants become couch potatoes for lifeApr 2, 2013
Study found overnutrition in infancy caused persistent changes that last into adulthood.
Correcting glutathione deficiency improves impaired mitochondrial fat burning, insulin resistance in agingApr 2, 2013
Research could open possibilities to improve metabolic health in older people.
Brown bag lunches may need nutrient makeoverMar 6, 2013
Nutrition experts find kids with packed lunches are lacking in healthy, nutritious foods.
Careful planning can help those with diabetes enjoy holiday fetesDec 13, 2012
BCM expert offers tips to manage diabetes during holidays.
Make holidays a time of good cheerNov 14, 2012
BCM experts offer tips to cut down on holiday-associated stress.
Grant to study virtual weight management program for women with mobility impairmentsNov 8, 2012
Program will focus on diet, nutrition, barriers women with mobility impairments face when preparing food.
Volunteers needed for weight management studyOct 24, 2012
Volunteers must be available for study-related clinic visits for approximately one year, plus follow-up for two to four years.
High fat diet in pregnancy alters thyroid activity in offspringOct 8, 2012
High fat levels during pregnancy lowers hormone that helps regulate energy, implications for weight maintenance.
Healthy diet for pregnant moms may affect obesity risk in offspringOct 5, 2012
BCM researchers find healthy diet during pregnancy can help keep obesity at bay for children.
Sixth annual Kamp K'aana now accepting campersJun 18, 2012
The fun weight management program for kids age 10 to 14 is from July 29 to Aug. 11 in Livingston, Texas.
African-American women can lose weight, keep it offMay 30, 2012
BCM researchers find African American women can lose weight with these tips.
Looks can be deceiving; read labels for accurate food factsMar 1, 2012
Avoid these common misconceptions when looking for healthy food options.
Don't use 'once in a while' excuse at rodeoMar 1, 2012
BCM expert says skip fried treats, eat healthy before you hit the rodeo.
Don't let snacks replace healthy, balanced mealsMar 1, 2012
Consider how snacks fit into your child's nutritional needs, creating a balanced diet.
Obesity risk still present at a healthy weightMar 1, 2012
BCM expert says it's possible to have a normal weight and still be obese
One meal at a time - the motto for successful dietsMar 1, 2012
BCM expert offers tips for a successful diet.
Pairing up with buddy on diet, exercise might be recipe for successMar 1, 2012
A reliable friend can offer extra motivation when starting new diet, exercise routine
Control your weight, minimize cancer riskMar 1, 2012
Cancer risk can be reduced by controlling weight, according to BCM oncologist.
Your weight is key to a healthy heartMar 1, 2012
Reduce your weight to reduce risk of heart disease.
Set simple nutritional goalsMar 1, 2012
Want to lose weight? BCM expert says set simple goals to improve nutrition.
Product labels help consumers kick trans fats to the curbMar 1, 2012
Avoid processed foods high in trans fat, eat more whole grains says BCM dietitian.
Risk of heart disease important consideration for diabeticsMar 1, 2012
Diabetics can cut their risk of cardiovascular disease by maintaining low levels of cholesterol, low blood pressure.
Regaining a healthy liver, one pound at a timeMar 1, 2012
At risk for cirrhosis of the liver? Reduce risk by losing weight.
Fitness and weight management key in arthritis treatmentMar 1, 2012
BCM experts recommend an active lifestyle to maintain range of motion in joints.
Substitute fatty ingredients to reduce the caloriesMar 1, 2012
Consider substituting applesauce for butter or oil, Greek yogurt for sour cream in recipes to save calories.
Consider 'fattest city' recognition as call to armsMar 1, 2012
BCM dietician says Houston's designation as "America's Fattest City" is a call to small changes towards a healthier lifestyle.
Look out for hidden calories in drinksMar 1, 2012
BCM dietitian: liquid calories can add up quickly.
Diet impacts skin, not just weightMar 1, 2012
A diet high in sugar and fat is bad for your body, including your skin.
Waist circumference seems related to children's metabolic riskDec 15, 2011
Waist circumference, physical activity, and body mass index play a role in cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors in children.
Obesity linked to worse survival outcomes in breast cancer adjuvant therapyDec 7, 2011
Researchers finds obesity may contribute to worse survival outcomes in breast cancer patients who have received adjuvant therapy.
Estrogen receptor in two kinds of neurons fights obesity, infertilityOct 6, 2011
Two populations of brain neurons play roles in metabolism, fat distribution and appetite control.
UTHealth, BCM receive $6.28 million CDC grant to battle child obesitySep 29, 2011
Project looks to create program to prevent obesity for underserved, ethnically diverse children.
Study: One pill to control multiple heart disease risk factors?Feb 16, 2011
Researchers across country and at BCM look into effectiveness of single pill for multiple heart disease risk factors.
Master regulator SRC-2 controls fat absorptionJan 5, 2011
New study of fat absorption could point to method of controlling obesity.
Set realistic goals when starting new year diet planDec 30, 2010
Seeing real change can take time when losing weight, so set realistic goals.
Quality of meals should not change during summer monthsJun 1, 2010
Children may gain weight during summer, so healthy eating is important.