Latest news from Baylor College of Medicine

Don’t let ACL injuries sideline soccer goalsJun 13, 2019
The Women’s World Cup is in the limelight and it’s an important reminder of the prevention of and recovery from ACL tears. A sports medicine expert discusses this injury and why female soccer players are at risk.
Kidney Stones: What you need to knowJun 12, 2019
Dr. Wesley Mayer discusses symptoms, treatments and prevention of kidney stones.
Study highlights triggers of anaphylaxis in infants, childrenJun 12, 2019
A new study by clinical researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital offers insight on the primary triggers and management of childhood anaphylaxis.
Cancer immunotherapy clinical study approved for phase 1Jun 7, 2019
A cancer immunotherapy research group at Baylor College of Medicine has secured Investigational New Drug regulatory clearance through the FDA to perform phase I clinical studies in newly-diagnosed adult patients with glioblastoma.
Visualization of placental microbes reveal sparse communityJun 6, 2019
Baylor researchers used imaging techniques to visualize sparse microbes in the placenta, which they and other researchers speculate may contribute to key functions in pregnancy, including immunity.
Patent issued for osteoarthritis gene-therapy productJun 6, 2019
A potentially disease-modifying therapy for osteoarthritis has reached a key milestone now that a U.S. patent has been issued for FX201, a gene-therapy product candidate based on work led by Baylor researchers.
David Baldwin named chair of Board of TrusteesJun 6, 2019
David Baldwin, co-president of SCF partners, has been elected chair of the Board of Trustees at Baylor College of Medicine.
Top five places you may forget to apply sunscreenJun 3, 2019
Baylor College of Medicine’s Dr. Carina Wasko, associate professor of dermatology, shares the top places people miss when putting on sunscreen and ways to prevent skin cancer and aging.
A treasure map to understanding epigenetic causes of diseaseJun 3, 2019
Researchers have determined a unique fraction of the genome that scientists should focus on. Their report, which provides a “treasure map” to accelerate research in epigenetics and human disease, was published today in Genome Biology.
Baylor to host genetics resource conference in AmarilloMay 30, 2019
Baylor College of Medicine will host a community conference and resource fair for the Amarillo area to provide an educational seminar and support materials for parents of children with autism and developmental disabilities.