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Friday, Feb. 5

The Hollywood Times
Helping Parents Blend Families Seamlessly And Avoid The Pitfalls Of Overparenting

790 Talk Now
Mosquito expert: Washington downplaying Zika virus threat to US

Healthy Women
Could IVF Raise Children's Odds for Blood Cancer?

WIBX 950
The Zika Virus — Here’s What You Need to Know

Thursday, Feb. 4

Houston begins preparing to combat spread of Zika virus

USA Today
Zika Q&A: What to know about the mosquito virus

WHO: Sexual transmission of Zika a ‘concern’

U.S Red Cross: Wait 28 days to donate blood after visiting Zika areas

ABC News
Zika Virus Outbreak: Inside the Hot Zone

MPRNews – Morning Edition
From A to Zika: What you need to know about the virus

Zika mosquitoes, though unlikely in northern states, tough to fight in U.S.

Zika: the new global health terror

Bed-bug DNA scanned for vulnerabilities

Reproductive technology linked to birth defects, childhood leukemia

Reproductive technology linked to birth defects, childhood leukemia

Could IVF raise children’s odds for blood cancer?

Endometrial Ca surgery: Robot or not, survival is same

Wednesday, Feb. 3

Houston Chronicle
Dallas County reports sexually acquired Zika infection

Zika mosquitoes' habits may foil US elimination efforts

Washington Post
The hidden environmental factors behind the spread of Zika and other devastating diseases

KTXS Dallas
Health officials: Sexually transmitted Zika case reported

KSAT Dallas
Dallas County confirms first sexually transmitted Zika case

New Republic
What’s wrong with Craig Venter?

Tuesday, Feb. 2

New York Times
Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency, WHO Says

Washington Post
Zika virus: WHO declares global public health emergency

Houston Chronicle
Levison: State's funding cut to Planned Parenthood for HIV prevention will be tragic for Texas

Authorities seek to protect blood supply from Zika virus

KPRC Ch. 2
3 more cases of Zika virus confirmed in Harris County; brings total cases to 7 in Houston area

Family looking to make life easier for child diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome

KTRH radio
Is the Yearly Checkup Worth It?

Radio Marti
Zika Virus (in Spanish)

Monday, Feb. 1

New York Times
New Weapon to Fight Zika: The Mosquito

Seattle Times
Mutant mosquitoes a new weapon to combat Zika

American Heart Association News
Stethoscope era may be waning as new medical technology is developed

A cancer legacy

The Zika Virus – Here’s what you need to know

W.H.O. to hold emergency meeting on Zika virus

Pine Journal
Expert offers advice on treating, preventing colds

Scientific American
Deciphering the Language of the Brain

Arkansas Online
New weapons sought in mosquito battle

Charlotte Observer
New weapon to fight Zika virus: The mosquito

TMC News
New ‘Purple’ Fellowship Brings East and Gulf Coasts Together for Medical Ethics

Friday, Jan. 29

Houston Matters
Crowdsourcing: Could it provide a faster, more accurate medical diagnosis?

Second Zika virus case confirmed in Houston area

The New York Times
A campaign to eliminate mosquitoes is needed until a vaccine is developed

The Wall Street Journal
Zika virus is spreading explosively says WHO chief says  
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USA Today
Zika Virus not causing outbreaks in continental US

The Guardian
Zika in Texas? ‘We have the perfect storm to allow virus to flourish’

US is probably safe from Zika virus outbreak – except the south
A simple explanation of the ‘explosive’ and untreatable Zika virus

NPR – On Point with Tom Ashbrook
Blended Families, and how they work

Dermatology Times
New products expand drug and device categories
Report: Almost 70% of Texans uninsured due to high cost of health insurance

Hem/Onc Today
Studies highlight potential for genomic testing in pediatric cancers

Two studies explore clinical utlity of tumor sequencing in pediatric oncology  
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Lessons from genetic testing in pediatric cancers  
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Medical Xpress
Genetic testing for childhood cancer patients can identify cause and treatment potential

Thursday, Jan. 28

Push made for cervical cancer vaccine

Houston Chronicle
Cancer leaders urge increased vaccination against HPV  
Zika Virus, already in Houston, poses global health threat

Experts explain key to stopping zika virus from spreading in the US

USA Today
Zika virus confirmed in Minnesota resident who traveled to Central America 
Experts: USA must prepare now for Zika Virus

Zika virus may push South America to loosen abortion bans

Discovery News
Zika virus likely to hit US before vaccine