Cancer News

Benign gynecologic lesions more common than reportedMay 13, 2020
Researchers led by a Baylor College of Medicine physician found the prevalence of ES and other gynecological lesions was substantially higher than previously reported, even among women without cancer. 
Genetic variant could identify lung cancer susceptibility May 11, 2020
An international consortium of researchers have identified a mutation involved in a person’s susceptibility to lung cancer. 
New option for treating upper tract urothelial cancerApr 30, 2020
An international team reports that an innovative form of local chemotherapy using a mitomycin-containing reverse thermal gel offers a kidney-sparing treatment option for upper tract urothelial cancer.
Promising new treatment for recurrent pediatric brain cancerApr 27, 2020
A multi-institutional, international team has developed a novel approach that delivers appropriately-targeted chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy directly into the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the tumor.
Adult astrocytes key to learning, memory Apr 21, 2020
Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine reveal that astrocytes, the most abundant cells in the brain, play a direct role in the regulation of neuronal circuits involved in learning and memory.
Dawn-to-sunset fasting associated with anti-cancer proteins Apr 16, 2020
In a recent stud, Dr. Ayse Leyla Mindikoglu found that dawn-to-sunset fasting was associated with proteins protective against cancer as well as obesity, diabetes and some neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
Researchers engineer better way to target leukemia cellsApr 6, 2020
Researchers were able to engineer a new fighter T cell that more effectively targeted leukemia cells in preclinical studies.
New insight into breast cancer resistance to hormone therapyMar 5, 2020
New findings suggest that a therapeutic approach must combine two different drugs, a SERD to degrade ER and a MEK inhibitor to inhibit Ras downstream signaling, in order to effectively treat neurofibromin-depleted ER+ breast cancer.
Baylor researchers receive nearly $2.7 million in CPRIT grantsFeb 19, 2020
Baylor College of Medicine has been awarded nearly $2.7 million by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) to support new cancer research.
Molecular roadmap boosts fight against endometrial cancerFeb 13, 2020
A study reveals an unprecedented look at the dozens of molecular steps that occur to bring about endometrial cancer, commonly known as uterine cancer.