Brain News

Researchers identify neurons that regulate blood sugarMay 4, 2020
Researchers led by Dr. Yong Xu have identified a group of unique glucose-sensing neurons in the brain and how they work together to prevent severe hypoglycemia in mice.
Dr. Huda Zoghbi awarded prestigious Lundbeck Brain PrizeMay 1, 2020
Dr. Huda Zoghbi has been awarded what is considered one of the world’s most prestigious prizes in brain research, the Lundbeck Foundation Brain Prize.
Promising new treatment for recurrent pediatric brain cancerApr 27, 2020
A multi-institutional, international team has developed a novel approach that delivers appropriately-targeted chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy directly into the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the tumor.
Adult astrocytes key to learning, memory Apr 21, 2020
Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine reveal that astrocytes, the most abundant cells in the brain, play a direct role in the regulation of neuronal circuits involved in learning and memory.
Brain tumors trigger silencing of neuronal activityApr 6, 2020
Researchers have identified a bioelectric phenomenon that contributes to sudden episodes of confusion and seizures, often the first signs of a malignant brain tumor.
Researchers learn to control brain cell that triggers tremorMar 18, 2020
Researchers have improved our understanding of how tremor — the most common movement disorder — happens, opening the possibility of novel therapies for this condition.
New insight on ACOX1-related neurodegenerative disordersMar 12, 2020
A recent study reports that a hyperactive variant of enzyme ACOX1 produces elevated levels of toxic reactive oxygen species (ROS) and causes a previously unidentified late-onset neurodegenerative disorder.
Brain tumors remodel neuronal synapses to promote growthJan 29, 2020
Scientists at Baylor College of Medicine have found new evidence that glioma, a lethal form of brain cancer, alters the activity of neighboring neurons, accelerating a vicious cycle that drives tumor-associated epilepsy and tumor progression.
Link between herpes virus infections, Alzheimer’s refutedDec 18, 2019
Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine report today in the journal Neuron evidence that refutes the link between increased levels of herpes virus and Alzheimer’s disease.
Proton radiotherapy better for pediatric brain cancer patientsNov 27, 2019
Researchers examined children treated with two different kinds of radiotherapy—proton radiotherapy and photon radiotherapy—and found those treated with proton radiotherapy had less intellectual decline.