About the Connective Tissue Disorders Clinic

The Connective Tissue Disorders Clinic provides genetic evaluation and counseling for adult patients with a variety of connective tissue disorders such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Patients with joint hypermobility, chronic pain, and/or symptoms of dysautonomia (dizziness, fainting, temperature intolerance) may be referred for genetic counseling and further diagnostic testing. Board-certified medical geneticists staff the clinic on select Thursdays and Fridays in the Clinical Genetics Suite at the Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center located at 7200 Cambridge St., Houston, TX 77030 in suite 9A.

If you would like to be scheduled in this clinic, submit the patient intake form. Instructions for submission are included on the form. Once your form is received, the clinical staff will review this information and you will be contacted regarding an appointment. At times, due to increased demand for appointments, patients may need to be placed on a wait list before appointments become available.

Physician referrals: If you are a doctor wishing to make a referral, please see Information for Referring Physicians.

Potential patients: If you are considering scheduling an appointment with the clinic, see Information for Potential Patients.

Clinic Director 
Shweta U. Dhar, M.D. 
Associate Professor
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics

Clinic Physicians 
Shweta U. Dhar, M.D. 
 Jennifer Posey, M.D., Ph.D. 
•  David Murdock, MD

Clinic Manager 
Tanya Eble, M.S., CGC 
Email: teble@bcm.edu

Administrative Assistant 
Chelsea Cook 
Email: chelsea.odom@bcm.edu 
Phone: (713) 798-7820