National School of Tropical Medicine


The National School of Tropical Medicine already has nationally and internationally recognized robust core competencies to establish education programs in Neglected Tropical Diseases and Neglected Infections of Poverty. Together with faculty from the Section of Pediatric Tropical Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics and faculty from other key departments, centers and schools within Baylor College of Medicine and the Texas Medical Center, the school will continue to build infrastructure capacity for research and development (R&D), advocacy and education on the NTDs and related NIoPs in the United States and globally.

Diploma in Tropical Medicine

The diploma program is aimed towards healthcare professionals, including physicians and physician assistants as well as students pursuing related degree programs who would like to practice or do research in tropical medicine here in the United States or internationally. It also serves as an educational tool for healthcare professionals already practicing in developing countries who require an update on infectious, parasitic and other health problems, and for doctors in developed countries who need to diagnose and manage imported infections.

See more information on the Diploma in Tropical Medicine website.

Seminar in Tropical Medicine

The Seminar in Tropical Medicine offered by the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine is a graduate level course (GS-TM-466) that provides a series of weekly lectures on selected topics in the field of tropical medicine.  

Topics vary during each term and are selected on the basis of providing updates on current scientific, public health and policy advances in the area of tropical medicine. 

The lectures are given by invited faculty and subject matter experts, representing Texas Medical Center institutions, state and local government, and/or industry professionals.     

See more information about the Seminar in Tropical Medicine.

Tropical Medicine Summer Institute

This intensive two-week course, held on the Baylor College of Medicine campus in Houston at the heart of the Texas Medical Center, introduces undergraduate students to the field of tropical medicine through topics in global health, epidemiology, public health, infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, and neglected tropical diseases.  Over this two-week course, students will participate in seminars with leading experts in these fields, gain hands-on laboratory experience, and visit research centers and facilities. The summer program exposes students to the field of tropical medicine to help them explore their interests in tropical medicine and perhaps consider a career in medicine and research.

See more information on the Tropical Medicine Summer Institute website.

Workshops and Symposia

The National School of Tropical Medicine conducts workshops and symposia to educate health scientists, health providers, and the public about tropical medicine, raise awareness of NTDs, and promote meaningful dialogues concerning public policy.  For information email

Resolution of Conflicts or Concerns

The student should first address the individual (student, faculty, staff) involved.  If the concern cannot be resolved or is of such a nature the student is not comfortable discussing it with the party involved, the proper channel would be to go to the individual’s supervisor.  If the problem is not resolved informally, the student may file a formal written grievance with the NSTM using the Student Complaint Form.  Please refer to the NSTM Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines for further details in conflict resolution.