What is Team Projects?

Team Projects provides students with an authentic and immersive course experience during which they apply their acquired teamwork skills to simulated real-world problems. Through this experiential learning process, participants work in interprofessional teams and apply teamwork skills to solve problems across specialized project tracks, including commercialization, pharmaceutical development, healthcare or other areas proposed by institutional leaders.

The course culminates with a judged competitive Capstone event open to all members of the academic community during which course participants share their project proposals and receive direct feedback from field experts. The winning team will receive a cash prize to support their ongoing professional development.

New Team Projects course coming in Spring 2021!

Team Launch staff will start considering applicants for the spring 2020 Team Projects soon. Students must be currently enrolled in or have previously completed Launch Pad to be eligible to participate in Team Projects. If you have completed or will be enrolled in Launch Pad by first quarter 2020, feel free to submit your application now.

Participating in Team Projects

Students must be currently enrolling in or have previously completed Launch Pad prior to participating in Team Projects Students are selected for participation in Team Projects through either of two nomination processes:

Self Nomination

Complete the Team Projects application. Let us know why you want to participate in Team Projects and how you think your participation will contribute to your success as a student and in your future career.

Dean Nomination

Each school at Baylor College of Medicine will be offered the opportunity to nominate students to participate. If the dean of your school elects to nominate you, the Team Launch team will reach out to you and request that you complete an application to be considered for admission. Click above to find your dean.