Core Concepts

Team Launch is committed to helping everyone at Baylor College of Medicine learn essential teamwork skills and apply these skills working in multi-disciplinary teams. The information presented here is designed to provide an introduction to the core concepts of teamwork and help you find resources to learn more about these critical skills. 

The essential elements of effective teamwork are summarized in the eight C's of teamwork defined below:


Do we have the right people, with the right mix of knowledge,skills and attitudes to get the job done?


Do these individuals have the right attitude? Are they willing to engage with the team?


Do their behaviors support effective team performance?


Can these individuals communicate effectively with each other and beyond?


Do team members share a common vision and understanding of priorities, roles and goals.


Can members of the team lead when necessary?

Conflict Response

Do team members acknowledge and manage conflict?


Are the timing, environment and resources right to support effective team performance?