If you do not know what the eight C's of an effective team are you will know them after you participate in Launch Pad. -- Brittany Garza, Physician Assistant Student

Launch Pad is an interactive and innovative learning experience designed to provide learners with in-depth exposure to and training in critical teamwork skills. The course is open to all Baylor College of Medicine students and provides learners with a foundational framework for participating as effective team members.

The topics covered will include the critical language of team training and education, leadership skills, effective communication, team cognition, cooperation, conflict management, negotiation methods, and strategies for building and optimizing high-performing teams.

Students engage in problem-based experiential learning, guided by faculty mentors, to build teamwork understanding and skills. The course enables students to work on interdisciplinary teams with peers and faculty across the College and is a prerequisite to participate in the Team Projects course.

Launch Pad Modules

Module 1: Foundations of Teamwork

You will identify the characteristics of high-performing teams and engage in interactive learning experience to advance your knowledge in team training.

Module 2: Apply Tools and Receive Feedback on Application, Part 1

You will participate in interactive case studies and professional scenarios to build your leadership skills and enhance your effectiveness as a member of multi-professional teams. 

Module 3: Apply Tools and Receive Feedback on Application, Part 2

You will consider strategies to enhance coaching/leadership and conflict response in professional teams and explore how capabilities and conditions relate to effective team performance. 

Module 4: Wrapping it Up

You will integrate tools and processes in conflict management to optimize team performance and apply advanced skills and tools through experiential learning activities.

Apply for Launch Pad

Participating in interdisciplinary teams is essential to providing the best care to my patients. The opportunity to learn and hone team-based skills in Launch Pad has been the most focused effort to address this need in my medical education thus far. - C. Cody Miller, M.D. Candidate

The next Launch Pad will start in February of 2019. 

Students will be selected for participation in this offering through either of two nomination processes:

Self Nomination: Complete the Launch PadLaunch Pad application. Let us know why you want to participate in Launch Pad and how you think your participation will contribute to your success as a student and in your future career.

Dean Nomination: Each school at Baylor College of Medicine has been offered the opportunity to nominate five students to participate. If the dean of your school elects to nominate you, the Team Launch team will reach out to you and request that you complete an application by the Jan. 5 deadline to be considered for admission.