The three interrelated courses of Team Launch
The three interrelated courses of Team Launch.

Team Launch features three interrelated courses that will enable participants to:

• Understand the characteristics of highly effective teams

• Learn effective teamwork skills

• Implement and refine their teamwork knowledge and skills through an immersive Team Projects experience

• Demonstrate teamwork proficiencies

• Reinforce the importance of teamwork broadly across the College

Launch Pad

Launch Pad uses problem-based, experiential learning, guided by faculty mentors, to build teamwork knowledge, awareness, and skills.

Goal: Increase teamwork knowledge and skills of students from all three degree-granting schools across the College through experiential interdisciplinary learning.
Participants: Graduate, medical, MSTP and allied health students.

Students participating in Launch Pad will gain knowledge of essential teamwork skills (e.g., Leadership, Negotiations, Cooperation, Communication, Conflict Resolution) and personal teamwork strengths and weaknesses.

Team Discovery

Team Discovery sessions include seminars, workshops and roundtable discussions focused on on team- and career-oriented skills essential in almost any professional path, while reinforcing the importance of teamwork.

Goal: Strengthen career skills needed to work successfully in teams.
Speakers and Facilitators: Invited experts from Baylor and other institutions.
Topics: Leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation, team building and dynamics, innovation, project management, communication etc. 
Participants: Open to all Baylor students, trainees, faculty and staff as well as individuals from other institutions in the Texas Medical Center.

Team Projects

Team Projects enables students to implement, hone and extend their new skills as by placing them on an authentic team tackling real-world problems part of a team working on authentic projects in commercialization, patient health and safety, or global health. As a culmination, student teams will present written and oral reports to peers, faculty members and others at a judged Capstone event.

Goal: Provide a team training and authentic team experience that allows trainees to work on real projects while implementing, honing and extending the teamwork knowledge and skills they acquired in Launch Pad.
Prerequisite: Completion of Launch Pad in the same or prior year
Project Tracks: Currently, projects focus on commercialization of biomedical products.  Additional tracks may be added in future years. 
Participants: Graduate, medical, MSTP and allied health students selected through a competitive process.
Team Projects Capstone: At the culmination of Team Projects, each team will share a project deliverable (e.g., written project report) and make an oral presentation at a judged event.

At the culmination of the Team Project, each team will submit a written project report and make a 10-minute oral presentation as part of Capstone. The goal of this Capstone is for team members to reflect on their team experience and the progress made toward achieving the team’s project goals.

Faculty Development

Faculty who will participate as instructors, facilitators and mentors within Team Launch, will participate in professional development training to help them prepare for their roles.

Faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows and residents will be eligible to serve as one of four faculty fellows to be selected each year to work alongside instructors as teacher-learners.

Discover why teamwork is essential for healthcare professionals and researchers.

Course Policy on Students with Disabilities

Baylor of Medicine is committed to providing equitable access to students with documented disabilities (e.g. mental health, attentional, learning, chronic health, sensory, or physical). To ensure access to Team Launch courses, please contact Student Disability Services to engage in a confidential conversation about the process for requesting reasonable accommodations for Launch Pad and Team Projects experiences.

Accommodations are not provided retroactively. Therefore, students are encouraged to register with Student Disability Services as soon as they begin the program. More information can be found online by visiting the Student Disability Services website or by contacting Student Disability Coordinator, Mikiba W. Morehead at