The three interrelated courses of Team Launch
The three interrelated components of Team Launch.

Team Launch features two interrelated courses that will enable students to:

• Understand the characteristics of highly effective teams

• Learn effective teamwork skills

• Implement and refine their teamwork knowledge and skills through an immersive Team Projects experience

• Demonstrate teamwork proficiencies

Students may also participate in Team Discovery sessions, the component of Team Launch that is designed to reinforce the importance of teamwork throughout the full College community.

Launch Pad

Launch Pad uses problem-based, experiential learning, guided by faculty mentors, to build teamwork knowledge, awareness, and skills. Students participating in Launch Pad gain knowledge of essential teamwork skills (e.g., Leadership, Negotiations, Cooperation, Communication, Conflict Resolution) and personal teamwork strengths and weaknesses.

Team Projects

Team Projects enables students to learn, implement and enhance their teamwork skills. Students are placed on an authentic team tackling real-world problems. As a culmination, student teams present written and oral reports to peers, faculty members and others at a judged Capstone event. The winning team receives funds to support their professional development.

Course Policy on Students with Disabilities

Baylor of Medicine is committed to providing equitable access to students with documented disabilities (e.g. mental health, attentional, learning, chronic health, sensory, or physical). To ensure access to Team Launch courses, please contact Student Disability Services to engage in a confidential conversation about the process for requesting reasonable accommodations for Launch Pad and Team Projects experiences.

Accommodations are not provided retroactively. Therefore, students are encouraged to register with Student Disability Services as soon as they begin the program. More information can be found online by visiting the Student Disability Services website or by contacting Student Disability Coordinator, Mikiba W. Morehead at