What is Team Launch?

The three interrelated components of Team Launch
 The three interrelated components of Team Launch

The Baylor College of Medicine Team Launch program was designed to help prepare students for careers in the health sciences and biomedical research by providing foundational training in relevant teamwork skills. 

Team Launch provides Baylor trainees, faculty and staff opportunities to learn and apply team skills within the context of solving contemporary problems in healthcare and biomedical science.

Major themes addressed by Team Launch include characteristics of high-performing teams, strategies for leading complex teams, effective team communication strategies, skills to manage team conflict, and the assessment of teams.

This program helps shape an academic and institutional culture that values teamwork, one of the five institutional values of Baylor College of Medicine.

Team Launch Components

Team Launch is comprised of three interrelated components: 

Launch Pad

Launch Pad provides Baylor College of Medicine trainees with a foundation in teamwork skills through a series of active learning experiences, student reflective exercises, short didactic instruction, and discussions focused on teamwork skills.

Team Projects

Team Projects provides participants who have completed Launch Pad with an opportunity to apply their teamwork skills towards meaningfully addressing a real-world challenge in a multi-week, small group setting, culminating in a competitive capstone event.

Team Discovery

Team Discovery provides both recurring and at-request seminars and workshops that focus on specific teamwork skill topics, these sessions are open to and can be requested to all members of Baylor College of Medicine and its affiliates.

Team-Based Care

Dr. Nana Coleman describes the importance of teamwork in healthcare. Studies have shown that effective teamwork in clinical settings leads to better outcomes for patients with less cost. Team Launch creates an academic and institutional culture that not only appreciates and values the need for team-based care but also provides opportunities to effectively integrate this knowledge and skill into healthcare research or delivery.

Teamwork in Research

Dr. Christine Beeton discusses the role of team-based science in accelerating discovery. Team Launch ensures that Baylor trainees, faculty and staff are prepared to work with professional fields to apply their research from the laboratory to real-world needs. The program ensures that our graduates are equipped with the tools needed to access careers of their choosing in important, often emerging, fields.