Interim Chair: Radiation Oncology

Mark David Bonnen, MD

Interim Chair

Faculty: Radiation Oncology

Michelle S Ludwig, MD, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor

Henry Mok, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Timothy Wagner, MD, MBA

Assistant Professor

Alfredo Enrique Echeverria, M.D.

Assistant Professor


  • (713) 566-3757

Larry Steven Carpenter, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Joshua A Asper, PA-C

Director of Clinical Operations

Faculty: Radiation Oncology Physics

Zhiqian Henry Yu

Assistant Professor

Faculty: Radiation Biology

Yohannes T Ghebre, PhD, FAHA

Associate Professor; Director of Radiation Biology Research & Education

Adjunct Faculty: MD Anderson Cancer Center

Steven J Frank, MD

Adjunct Asc Prof

Arnold C Paulino, MD

Clin Asc Prof

Adjunct Faculty: VAMC Radiation Oncology

Hsin H Lu, MD



  • (832) 355-7118

Angela Zhu, MD

Assistant Professor

George Govern Chen, MD

Assistant Professor

Weiyuan Mai, MD

Assistant Professor