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Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Houston, Texas

A physician explains an X-ray image.
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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Seven Acres Jewish Geriatrics Center

Photo Seven Acres Jewish Geriatrics Center

Seven Acres Jewish Geriatrics Center is a 285-bed facility providing in-house and day care for the aged. The center’s philosophy is to develop and maintain the highest level of care for the aged, who due to physical, social or psychological impairment, require a protective environment or “out reach” services.

The center’s goals are to develop an understanding of services to the elderly, train and educate future physicians and be a team member of care givers where quality of life is maximized. The medical service is viewed as an important component of a team service whose focus is the aged and their families.

Services Offered

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services include consultations and re-evaluations at the center on a weekly basis.


Hospital Appointments

Consulting: Martin Grabois, M.D.

Martin Grabois, M.D.
Medical Committee

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