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Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Houston, Texas

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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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Kindred Hospital - Houston

Photo Kindred Hospital-Houston

Kindred Hospital-Houston is a 110 licensed bed specialty hospital for long-term acute care. JCAHO accredited, Kindred provides innovative approaches in the treatment of patients suffering the consequences of catastrophic illness requiring comprehensive care. The hospital is designed to allow healthcare professionals the time and resources for monitoring and clinical analysis of patients.

Services Offered

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service is designed to help strengthen and restore a patient's ability to live and work as normally as possible after a disabling injury or illness. The rehabilitation may take the form of low tolerance rehabilitation for patients who are still rebuilding their strength or of outpatient rehabilitation for patients who do not require a hospital stay.

The patient's medical needs are assessed and addressed. Progress is tracked and evaluated and treatments are modified as necessary. Their reputation is rooted in the innovative, outcomes-oriented management of medically complex ventilator patients. They also provide specialized care for a variety of patients requiring an extended hospital stay and excel in deep wound treatment.



Hospital Appointments

Medical Director:

Monika Shah, M.D.



Monika Shah, M.D.
Katie Irani, M.D.

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