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Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Houston, Texas

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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital

Photo St. Luke's Episcopal HospitalSt. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, established in 1954, is a private, nonprofit acute care facility with 946 licensed beds. This hospital is a community teaching hospital delivering primary care and a tertiary referral center serving both the greater Houston area and the global community. St. Luke’s is ranked 8th nationally in heart care and heart surgery in the 2005 U.S. News and World Report for annual rankings of Best Hospitals. This Rehabilitation Unit is available for candidates selected from a large consultation service with outpatient care delivered in a private clinic setting.

Services Offered

The Rehabilitation Unit, accredited by the National Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, consists of 24 inpatient beds providing a comprehensive rehabilitation program. An outpatient multi-disciplinary rehabilitation service, part of the continuum of care within the hospital, maximizes the patients’ quality of life and level of function. A team of rehabilitation specialists consisting of physicians, nurses, therapists (physical, occupational and speech), case managers, dietitians, psychologists and neuropsychologists work together to design and implement individualized treatment programs for each patient. The most common types of patient conditions seen by the rehabilitation team are total joint replacement, stroke, cardiovascular surgery, amputation and various neurological disorders.

An extensive inpatient consultation service is also offered. Electrodiagnostic inpatient and outpatient consultations are available.



Hospital Appointments

Chief of Service:

C. George Kevorkian, M.D.

C. George Kevorkian, M.D.
Continuing Medical Education Committee
Quality of Care Committee
Rehabilitation Steering Committee
Pharmacy, Therapeutic and Nutrition Committee
IPA Executive Committee

Assistant Chief of Service:

Fae H. Garden, M.D.


C. George Kevorkian, M.D.
Fae H. Garden, M.D.

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