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Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Houston, Texas

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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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Gerri Hanten, Ph.D.

Photo Gerri Hanten, Ph.D.Associate Professor

Graduate School: Master of Arts in Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Rice University, Houston, Texas, 1999

Sub-Specialty: Cognitive Neuropsychology

Research Interest: Cognitive Neuropsychology

Significant Professional Activities:
  • Centre of Excellence for Childhood Development, Award for top 10 publications on Early Childhood Development
  • Child Neuropsychology, Ad Hoc Journal Referee
  • Developmental Neuropsychology, Ad Hoc Journal Referee
  • American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, Course Organizer
Selected Publications:

Hanten G, Martin RC. Contributions of phonological and semantic short-term memory to sentence processing: evidence from two cases of closed head injury in children. Journal of Learning and Memory 43(2):335-361, 2000.

Hanten G, Bartha M, Levin HS. Metamemory following pediatric traumatic brain injury: a Preliminary Study. Developmental Neuropsychology 18(3), 2001.

Hanten G, Dennis M, Levin HS. Knowing about knowing: Metacognition After Childhood Closed Head Injury. International Neuropsychological Association Proceedings, 2001. Abstract

Hanten G, Bartha M, Levin HS. Metacognition following pediatric traumatic brain injury: A Preliminary Study. Developmental Neuropsychology 18:383-398, 2000.

Hanten G, Levin HS, Song JX. Working memory and metacognition in sentence com-prehension by severely head injured children: a preliminary study with implications for reha-bilitation. Developmental Neuropsychology 16:393-414, 2000.

Hanten G, Martin RC. A developmental phonological short-term memory deficit: a case study. Brain and Cognition 45:164-188, 2001.

Hanten G, Martin RC. Contributions of phonological and semantic short-term memory to sentence processing in head injured children. The Academy of Aphasia Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2000.

Hanten G, Dennis M, Zhang L, Barnes MA, Roberson G, Archibald J, Song JX, Levin HS. Childhood head injury and metacognition processes in language and memory. Dvpmtl Neuropsychol, 25:86-106, 2004.

Hanten G, Levin HS. Head injury. In: Eichenbaum H, Roediger H, Thompson R (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Learning and Memory (2nd edition). Farmington, MacMillian-Gale Group, 2003.

Hanten G, Stallings G, Song JX, Levin HS. Subject ordered pointing task performance following severe traumatic brain injury in adults. Brain Inj, 17(8):871-872, 2003.

Levin HS, Hanten G, Zhang L, et al. Changes in working memory after traumatic brain injury in children. Neuropsychol, 18:240-247, 2004.

Contact Information

Gerri Hanten, Ph.D.
Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
1709 Dryden Road, Suite #725
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: 713-798-7420
Fax: 713-798-6898

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