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Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Houston, Texas

A physician explains an X-ray image.
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Patient receiving physical rehabilitation therapyAs one of the pre-eminent departments of physical medicine and rehabilitation in the United States, the BCM Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation excels in clinical care, education, and research, leading to optimum quality of life for individuals with physical disabilities.

Our professionals treat the whole patient, rather than just the symptoms. Our goal is to help patients understand their condition and provide the tools and resources to manage a successful healing process.

Our continuity of care offers a variety of treatment methods to reduce or eliminate challenges and address recurrence.

We offer services related to brain injury and stroke, spinal cord injury, acute and chronic pain management, amputee, work injuries, and therapy. In addition, we maintain a full array of services for the pediatric patient including neuromuscular problems, orthopedic injuries, sports medicine, and the developmental delays.

Through focused care and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, we bring quality to the lives of thousands each year, ensuring our patients fully optimize their physical health.

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